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Vasp is a member of the following entities:



Distripress is an international association for publishers, distributors and publications and other entities involved in the publication and sale of international newspapers and magazines. Distripress performs many activities, including its annual congress which is attended by most of its members.


Vasp has been a Distripress member since 2005.







IFRA is an international association creating a link between entities involved in newspaper publication, production and distribution. IFRA also holds an annual international event that includes conferences, exhibitions of newspaper production and forwarding equipment, etc.


In addition to its annual congress, IFRA is intensely involved in other activities such as organising conferences, publishing a monthly magazine and disclosing studies and analyses about all activities related with the world of newspapers.









APLOG is the Portuguese Logistics Association representing corporate and private members interested in analysing and developing logistics in Portugal. It holds an annual congress, which includes a fair featuring a wide range of entities related with logistic activities in Portugal.


APLOG is very busy year-round, particularly training staff in logistics matters.





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