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To manage this extensive agent network, Vasp uses an innovating computer tool developed in collaboration with a well-known international software house that provides optimised print runs by assigning a suitable quantity share at each point of sale.

The application’s following features are particularly relevant:

  • Distinct criteria may be defined for each market segment according to records from the point of sales network.
  • Print run management according to returns targets for each publication and publisher, without undermining previously defined market segmentation strategies.
  • Records of any publication’s editions and cover page topics may be kept and later used as a reference.
  • Ongoing analysis of each point of sale’s individual performance through a series of records of results of quantities allocations shares and sales in the previous 18 months. In addition to the available computer tools, Vasp also has a team with comprehensive knowledge about the market, products and respective sales channels so that it may make the best decisions.
The interface with the publisher, through methods developed by Vasp to manage the publication’s allocation to each point of sale, is crucial for maximising the success of tasks. All information about publications is absolutely transparent for publishers, whereby the most suitable layout and type of information access is tailored to the respective goals, in particular by using the internet, thus allowing publishers working with Vasp to build their own analysis pages using our Datawarehouse information.

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