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Since it was founded, Vasp’s culture and profile have been shaped by the factors underlying its creation and by its posterior development into the segment’s top company.

Because its main shareholders have always been entities linked to the press business aiming for a high quality press distribution solution, Vasp progressively developed a policy in which distribution was viewed as a sales enhancement factor.

The economy of scale, crucial for an efficient use of resources, progressively dictated the need for VASP to attain a critical volume that would satisfy an increasingly more demanding market, more complex marketing and a progressively broader consumer base, both socially and geographically.

To obtain the necessary client confidence and a greater portfolio of publications from a wide range of publishers, Vasp has always remained very independent from its shareholders’ publishing enterprises. Its corporate culture dictates that it will render equal service quality to all its clients based on the same benchmark principles. Not only does Vasp render services efficiently through a shared scale of resources, it also offers solutions tailored to each project’s specific needs.

Vasp is currently aware of the numerous opportunities for improvement and applies an ongoing process to enhance the whole publication business process that, ultimately, will benefit end consumers.

Vasp’s operation quality system enables it to gain the confidence of those with which it interacts internally and externally and is the basis for a platform by which to place daily operations into a methodological framework and to strategically develop its business.

We believe that the written press will face difficult and exciting challenges in the future. Difficult because today’s incredibly fast technological advances and changing consumer habits will have a strong impact on the printed press. Exciting because we feel that we’re all involved in a time of transition, in which the upcoming upheavals cannot yet be clearly deciphered.


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